If you are interested in commissioning a portrait of your pet, I would love to hear from you; please get in touch via the contact form. The following explains how the process of creating your pet portrait works.


Clear, in-focus image with detail visible in all areas, even in the white fur
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I work from photographs (preferably digital) that you supply (by email if possible). If you are local to me in Norfolk, it might be possible for me to come and take some photos of your pet if you don’t have any suitable images. Photographs needs to be clear and in focus, with the subject as large in the frame as possible, so that I can see enough detail to create an authentic drawing of your pet. Try to take the image in natural light (outside is often best) to ensure the colours are as realistic as possible. Wherever possible, try to avoid strong shadows or blown-out highlights (white areas with no detail in them). Try to take photographs that show the aspect of your pet’s personality that you want me to capture.

I draw what I see, so for the drawing to look realistic, your image needs to include all areas of your pet that you want me to draw. If I cannot see a leg, I cannot draw it! I might be able to combine elements from more than one image if you do not have a perfect photograph, but this will need to be discussed before the commission is agreed. I will not accept a commission if I don’t think that the supplied photographs will enable me to produce a drawing that you will be happy with.

If you send a selection of photographs, we will agree between us which is the best one to use for the portrait. We will also discuss the format (landscape, portrait or square) and the most appropriate size for your image. Please consider where your image is going to be displayed when choosing a size. Once all the details are agreed, I ask for a 20%, non-refundable, deposit to secure your commission (see the Prices page for more information).

If the photograph you use was not taken by you, please ensure you have the permission of the photographer to use it for the portrait. Written permission may be required if the photograph was professionally taken.

Work in progress

If you would like to see photographs of the work as I draw, I will be happy to keep you updated with your portrait’s progress. Once the image is complete, I will send you a photograph for your approval. I always want you to be delighted with your picture, so if you would like any changes making at any stage in the process, please discuss these with me. When you are completely happy, your drawing can be collected, delivered (if local), or will be shipped to you as soon as the balance of payment has been made (including the cost of packing and postage if appropriate). If you are not entirely happy, there is no obligation to purchase the drawing.


If you need your portrait for a particular date, please give me as much notice as possible. I am not a full-time artist and my drawings take many hours to create. I will normally need a minimum of two weeks’ notice to create your portrait, and as I may already have commissions booked in, I may have a waiting list. I will always agree a mutually convenient date for completion before I accept a commission.


Drawings will be mounted in an archival quality mount with backing board, and supplied in an archival quality, clear plastic bag to protect the drawing. The cost of these is included in the commission price. If you intend to frame the portrait yourself, please carefully read the care instructions that will be sent with your drawing to avoid smudging or damaging the image.

Use of the image

By commissioning a portrait from me, you agree that I can use images of the portrait on my website, on social media or on other advertising materials as appropriate. I will never share your, or your pet’s, personal details with anyone else (except, with permission, adding your pet’s name to images used as listed above). If your commission is a present, I will not use the image until after the portrait has been gifted. If you strongly object to me using images of your portrait in this way, I will be happy to respect this.